Travel Blogging: London, Paris, and Berlin!

This has been slowly sneaking up on me for a little while now, but tomorrow I leave on my trip to London, Paris, and Berlin for the next two months! I will be enjoying the first two cities with members of the USC Trojan Marching Band as we play at various pre-Olympic festivities in London. Following seven days in the English capital, we head to Paris to see the city and explore, including a day trip I will take to the WWII beaches of Normandy with a friend of mine. My final destination will be Berlin to study composition under Dr. Samuel Adler for six weeks—something I am sure will be an invaluable experience for me.

At this point in my life, I have never been further east than the state of Indiana. In 2008 I traveled with my high school wind ensemble to China for ten days and my family has taken me on vacations including Mexico and Hawaii, but this is my first real opportunity to immerse myself in a completely foreign culture(s). Unfortunately, my foreign language studies from high school fail me in two ways for this trip: I never got any good and the only language I studied was Spanish. Armed with city guidebooks and a polite American demeanor (whatever that means), hopefully my language barrier will not become too large of an issue for me! (I’m not too worried about London at this point, and I’ve heard Germans speak quite good English as well.. we shall see.)

As I explore these amazing European capital cities, I will do my best to share my experiences here in my blog. I’ll share about everything from food I eat to places I see and concerts I attend. I’ll even post pictures and hopefully share some funny stories. Hopefully I can keep these posts as up to date as possible so check back to hear more from me!