List of Works

Please contact directly with requests for scores and parts


I’d known this place for Clarinet and Electronics (2020)

Memoryscapes for Sinfonietta and Electronics (2019)

Liminal for Orchestra (2018)

Computer Dreams for Solo Flute and Electronics (2018)

Duo for Baritone Saxophones (2017)

Dream Mechanics for Mixed Ensemble (2017)

Rictus for Mixed Ensemble (2017)

out of nothing for Piano Trio (2016)

on becoming [a miniature for dance] for melodica, alto sax, viola, and cello (2016)

A Trip Takes Us for Brass Quintet (2015)

The light that passes through it for Orchestra (2015)

Pursuing the Horizon for Fixed Electronic Media (2015)

On the Rocks for Fixed Electronic Media (2015)

Jumpstart for Fixed Electronic Media (2015)

Amid the noise and haste… for Chamber Orchestra (2014)

Study in FM Synthesis for Fixed Electronic Media (2014)

Rhízōma for Percussion Quartet (2014)

Southwest Landscapes for Clarinet and Bassoon (2014)

To My Soul for Baritone and Chamber Ensemble (2013)

Pacific Scenes for Brass Octet (2013)

Reveries for Wind Ensemble (2012)

Mind the Gap for Solo Flute (2012)

Music for Strings, Marimba, and Trombones (2011)

Music for Violin, Vibraphone, and Bass Clarinet (2011)

Pacific Suite for Brass Octet (2010)

Three Songs for Alto (2010)

Variations on Ruglen Holon (2010)

Quartet in Three Movements (2009)

Three Pieces for Solo Cello (2009)

Duet for Tuba and Euphonium (2008)

Reflections on Curved Glass (2008)