Every Now and Then

Released February 3, 2023, Every Now and Then is a 25-minute electronic work that blends field recordings and processed electronics with performances on hammered dulcimer, electric guitar, keyboards, and synthesizers.

The phrase “every now and then” typically means “on occasion,” or “every once in a while,” but my interest focuses on the concepts “now” and “then.” We think of these terms as independent ideas—there is a now, the present, and a then, separate and different from the now—but further consideration reveals a far more complicated relationship. Every now is experienced by a mind, an artifact constructed by an accumulation of thens, and every then is a recollection accessed in a now.

Influenced by how past and present fold into one another in our conscious experience, “Every Now and Then” folds layered sheets of sound to form complex intergrowths. Certain layers rise to prominence in the texture while others flow under the surface as a topography of associations emerges over time.

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