Upcoming Performances

Upcoming Performance: Senior Recital!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog with any sort of information mostly because I’ve had so much going on. Currently I’ve been organizing rehearsals and everything for my Senior Recital, which has been quite a task. I’ll be needing 19 musicians on 4 pieces to make the whole event happen, and things are finally coming together. I’ve been fortunate to have such an enthusiastic response from Thornton performance majors because, as of this week, I’ve got performers on every part, and the quality of USC music majors is always stunning.

Here is some info for the upcoming recital:
Saturday, April 6th at 4pm
Ramo Recital Hall, USC

The program for the concert will feature two premieres including my newest completed work, “Pacific Scenes” for brass octet, as well as my septet titled “Music for Strings, Marimba, and Trombones” (hopefully the orchestration is apparent from the title). Other pieces include “Mind the Gap” for solo flute and “Music for Violin, Vibraphone, and Bass Clarinet,” in addition to a recording of the USC Thornton Wind Ensemble playing “Reveries.” The program will last an hour and will be followed by a reception. If you happen to be in the LA area and care to celebrate my four years of undergrad at USC, please feel welcome to attend the recital!

Outside of work preparing this recital, I’ve also been busy working on a new piece and flying around the country interviewing at graduate schools for composition. While I wont discuss the schools I’ve applied to or where I think I’ll end up (I’m in the period of the process where I haven’t heard back from all schools or offers can still change), I will say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of applying to grad schools, no matter how much time it has taken from my already busy schedule. I’ve been fortunate to meet many amazing composers and professors who have all been wonderful hosts to me, as well as incredible young composers similarly applying to grad schools. You can expect to hear from me as soon as early April as to where I’ve decided to attend!

That’s all for this post, check back every so often to see updates on new works, new performances, and new life experiences!


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